BATTLE WORLDWIDE is an independent record label and publishing (music and literature) company based in Brighton, United Kingdom. BATTLE WORLDWIDE has more than 50 releases to its furious name, including records by Co-Pilgrim, Swaying Wires, Blacklevel Embassy, Kid Wave, Falling Stacks and Empty Pools. BWR artists have been lauded by the likes of BBC Radio (Lamacq, Laverne, Coe), Spin, The Big Takeover, Drowned In Sound, Q and triple j and toured internationally, sweating the festival circuit.

BATTLE WORLDWIDE adheres to an old school ideology stemming back from the 1980s punk scene labels like SST, Merge and Au Go Go – and that’s where the BATTLE WORLDWIDE story begins. Founder Darren Smallman grew up in the Australian punk underground, spending many fierce years in the loud and influential band Warped as well as Toad and The Sun & The Silver Anthology artists. From there, he developed Low Transit Industries, a record label and touring agency which released classic records by Okkervil River, CW Stoneking, Thalia Zedek, Black Mountain, SubAudible Hum and Of Montreal.

Now with a new name and a new home base, BATTLE WORLDWIDE is committed to artist partnership and creativity, striving to build long term careers across all regions of the music industry landscape. BATTLE WORLDWIDE is focused on building new platforms for artists to create and communicate in the digital era alongside physical merchandising to balance an ever more complicated marketplace. The music BATTLE WORLDWIDE serves may not all sound alike, but every BATTLE WORLDWIDE artist shares a mission for music that captivates and conquers.

“One of my favourite labels… check out every band they have been putting out, they’re really on it in terms of quality control” Jack Rabid, Big Takeover


Alarm Bells | ASx | Blacklevel Embassy | Co-pilgrim | El Grumpos | The Disciplines | Empty Pools | Falling Stacks | Kid Wave | Margins | Mike Gale | Mike Gale & Ilona V | Pelotons | Kim Salmon & The Surrealists | Swaying Wires | The Paranoid Style | The Sound Platform | Thee Vinyl Creatures | The Wells Collective | Young Things


Alma | Aviator Lane | Batrider | Black Mountain | Black Nielson | Boddicker | C.W. Stoneking | Co-Pilgrim | Disaster Plan | Dishpan Fingers | Elf Power | Finishing School | Fonda 500 | Fotomoto | Ghosty | Goldrush | Homescience | Ill Bravados | Jacob S. Harris | Jape Squad | Kim Salmon & The Surrealists | Legends Of Motorsport | Lilys | Line Drawings | Margins | Mid State Orange | New Estate | New Pants | No Through Road | Of Montreal | Okkervil River | Oneironaut | Papermoon | Pink Mountaintops | Royal City | Russian Roulettes | Sailboats Are White | Sam Isaac | Screamfeeder | Season | Serena Maneesh | Shannon McArdle | Sharko | Sime Nugent | Simon Llewelyn Evans | Sneeze | Sonoi | Souls On Board | SubAudible Hum | Thalia Zedek Band | The Backfeed Slumber | The Bites | The Ca$inos | The Delicates | The Essex Green | The Ladybug Transistor | The Loch Ness Mouse | The Mendoza Line | The Minders | The Parkas | The Smallgoods | The Sound Platform | The Specimens | The Steinbecks | The Wells Collective | THE WHATS | The Zebras | Tim Steward | TimeZones | Trans Am | Tucker B’s | We All Want To


BATTLE & LTI are both deceased. If you wish to ask any questions please use the form below but we ain’t home.

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